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Learn About Natural Hazards In Your Neighborhood

Use this website to discover the hazards that exist in your area and learn how to reduce YOUR risk! Remember, the best way to recover from disasters is by reducing the risks before a disaster strikes.

Please note: This web site is for general purpose use only. Real estate disclosure information can be obtained from your local city or county government.  See our disclaimer below for more information regarding the limitations of this web service.

How To Use This Web Site

To find out what natural hazards exist in your area, do one of the following:

  • Enter in the search above a street address and a city or town name

... then press the enter key or click on the "Map Search" button.

You can also search by pointing at the map using these steps:

  • click the bull's eye button above the map
  • then click once on the map to choose a location.

Use the magnifying glass with the plus sign (+) to zoom in, and the minus sign (-) to zoom out.  Use the hand button to drag the map from side to side and up and down.

Natural hazards are part of living in California. Having a preparedness kit will help you weather the days after a disaster, but did you know there are steps you can take that may actually reduce the risks of injuries to you and your neighbors and lessen the damage to your home?

Learn more at the California Volunteers web site "We Prepare" and the California Emergency Management Agency web site "Emergency Preparedness for Home and Business."


Below are links to resources that can help you be prepared!

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